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Florencia Garza Gonzalez

Position: CEO Founder
Company: Nature Based Studio
Location: Monterrey, Mexico

"Nature-Based Solutions to Promote and Improve Health, Inclusion and Well-being"
Health and Wellbeing
viernes 18 de noviembre
Sala Rainbird
10:20:00 - 11:05:00

Lover of art and nature since childhood. She studied art, floral design and landscaping in Milan, Italy and runs her firm Fiori. Florencia inherited from her parents a deep love and respect for others and for nature and, therefore, a strong commitment to the care and conservation of the natural world and the most vulnerable. Since 2016, it has been developing nature-based solutions to face the current challenges of climate change, ecosystem services, biodiversity and social inclusion. Founder and director of Nature Based Studio, she works in social innovation based on nature and designs spaces and programs for health, well-being and social inclusion. She is a certified forest and nature therapy guide by the ANFT, guiding in different parts of Nuevo León, Mexico, Costa Rica, United States, Spain, Canada and Italy. She is an advisor certified by the ANFT for the certification of trails for forest and nature therapy. Six years ago, she started a nature prescription project for DIF cocoons, a social assistance center in the state of Nuevo León, and since then she has been proposing that nature be included in public policies and in the public and private health systems of Nuevo León. , Mexico and the world. During 2021 she participated in a specialization within the Green4Care Erasmus Program Project of the European Community and in 2022 she was selected to participate in a summer camp at the Agripolis of the University of Padua in a nature-based business specialization program where she worked on green care, shared her knowledge and was able to learn about the global situation and the most innovative trends and actions for health, well-being and social inclusion. She recently joined the Climate Advocacy Lab and will be working on a climate health circle for leaders working at the intersection of climate and health advocacy. Expert in public innovation, social and regenerative citizen innovation. She has collaborated, designed and founded different citizen innovation laboratories in different parts of the world, mainly Latin America and the United States in institutions such as Medialab Prado Madrid, the Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sports, the University of Granada and Tec de Monterrey. Founder of the Tutores de Resiliencia Social Innovation Laboratory, which seeks to provide life skills to vulnerable children and their families and those who care for them, working under the four guiding axes of art, education and culture, play and nature.

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