14 - 18, November 2022


Spread ideas and research papers, case studies, good practices, preliminary projects, executive projects, essays, or similar related to the public space and the themes of this Congress, to be exhibited during the activities of the World Urban Parks Congress from 14-18 of November.


  • University Students (last two years) or Postgraduate degree in Architecture and Urban Planning Faculties, Natural Sciences Faculties, Engineering Faculties, Social Sciences Faculties, Applied Technology Faculties, Economics Faculties, any University, and others.
  • Civil organizations related to the public spaces industry (foundations, associations, organized neighbors, etc.)
  • Public and private organizations related to public space / urban planning / natural areas or similar.
  • Consultants, architectural studies or similar.


  • You can participate individually, as a group or team.
  • Participants must be of legal age.
  • Only 1 poster will be accepted per person, group, or team.
  • Groups must be a maximum of 3 people.


The themes will have to coincide with the tracks of the congress.


This contest will reward in 3 categories corresponding to the profiles of attendees of the World Congress of Urban Parks:

  • Student
  • Young professional
  • Professional

Regardless of the origin or character of the institution or organization to which they belong.

All the winners will receive a diploma endorsed by the World Organization of Urban Parks and by the Organizing Committee of the World Congress of Urban Parks!

Prizes will be awarded to the first 3 places in each category.

  • 100% discount on registration for the World Urban Parks Congress
  • 75% discount on registration for the World Urban Parks Congress
  • 50% discount on registration for the World Urban Parks Congress

The courtesy ticket includes:

  • Diploma of participation as a speaker.
  • Diploma of participation in the Contest Presentation of Scientific Poster
  • All keynotes and sessions.
  • Entrance to the commercial exhibition “Expo Parques”.
  • Social events.
  • Special discounts.

Note: Expenses related to registration for workshops, transportation, lodging, meals, and speaker fees are not included in the courtesy ticket.


It is necessary that the authors of the works submit their summary (abstract) and the poster to the jury, before May 15, 2022.

The summary (abstract) must meet the following requirements:

  • Send the abstract document in .doc format
  • Global extension: a maximum of one letter page, with single spacing, upper and lower margins of 2.5 cm, and right and left of 3 cm.
  • Title: Times New Roman font size 12, centered, in uppercase, bold and underlined.
  • Authors: name of the authors in Times New Roman font size 10, in italics, and justified to the left. Indicate also, the institution or organization of origin.
  • Body of the summary: the epigraphs in Times New Roman font size 10, capital, bold and justified on the left; the rest, in Times New Roman font size 10, and justified paragraph.

Sections of the abstract:

  • Introduction and/or objectives: briefly describe the problem statement and work justification.
  • Methodology: explain the methodology and type of work.
  • Results: describe the results obtained in the study.
  • Conclusions and/or discussion: relationship of the work with the previous bibliography, discussion of the results obtained, relevance of the study, highlighting the most important.
  • Bibliography: include up to four bibliographical references.


  • Name of the Author or authors in the header.
  • ategory: Professional - Young Professional - Student.
  • Title.
  • Type of work: thesis, research, project, etc.
  • Origin: City and Country.
  • Introduction.
  • Methodology.
  • Results / Discussion.
  • Conclusion.
  • Bibliography.
  • Year: year of preparation of the proposal / Year of execution: (if applicable)


For the purposes of the poster presentation:

  • PDF format.
  • Weight less than 10 MB.
  • Resolution 72 dpi.


  • Period of acceptance of proposals Posters and Abstracts: From February 2022 to April 31, 2022
  • Winner’s communication June, 2022
  • Poster presentation November 14-18 during the Congress (Winners will be notified of specific times)


Your poster may be exhibited during the congress program. The exhibition will be held in the educational sessions, lectures and / or Expo according to what the Convention Center determines with its criteria of use, functionality or safety standards that need to be met. It will ensure that it is a visible place of transit by all those attending the Congress and the local press.

The authors may accompany their posters at the times they determine to solve doubts from the attendees. The Organization will determine the place and format of exhibition without the possibility to claim changes in them and according to the plan.

The winners who attend the congress may deliver their printed poster to the organizing committee during the congress dates. However, the organizing committee will also have the option of covering the printing of the posters for those who cannot attend.

The posters will also be published on the social networks and official pages of the World Urban Parks, the National Association of Parks and Recreation of Mexico, the World Urban Parks Congress and those associated with this event.


  • All the costs of elaboration and design will be responsibility of the author (s) of the work.
  • The Organization will only provide exhibition paneling and exhibition planning.
  • The travel, food and lodging expenses of the participants will not be covered by the organization.


The jury will consist of:

  • Professionals and experts of the parks and public spaces sector.

The classification will be made with scores from 1 to 5 according to criteria to be defined:

  • Correspondence to the tracks of the congress.
  • General presentation
  • Creativity, innovation, originality in the proposal
  • Number of people benefited from the project
  • Viability of the proposal (objectives, times and budget required)
  • Context in which it develops (developed or vulnerable areas, others)

Results can’t be appealed by the participants.

Proposals must be submitted in the established formats. Both posters and abstracts should be submitted in the official website for the Contest Presentation of Scientific Poster.


The fact of participating in this contest implies full acceptance of the content of these rules. The organizing committee reserves the right to make all changes deemed appropriate for the proper functioning of the contest.