A specialized event of educational and experiential content, aimed
at public space professionals and urban parks

Miguel Treviño

Position: Mayor
Company: San Pedro Garza Garcia Municipality
Location: San Pedro Garza Garcia, Mexico

"Inclusion and Accesibility in the Parks"
Participation, inclusion, and sociability
viernes 18 de noviembre
Monterrey Room
12:35:00 - 14:05:00

His passion for economics was born at Tec de Monterrey, where he studied for his bachelor's degree. He earned a master's degree in Political Science from Columbia University and another in Economic development from the London School of Economics and Political Science. In addition, he has served as a teacher at the EGADE school of government at Tec de Monterrey and was coordinator of editorial projects for Grupo Reforma. He has written for the magazine NEXOS, Reforma, El Norte, Letras Libres and for UNAM. He was an advisor at the Secretariat of Commerce and Industrial Development, where he followed up on the implementation of the North American Labor Cooperation Agreement (one of the parallel agreements to NAFTA). He also served as coordinator of advisers for the Secretariat of Social Development and Director of Planning in the administration in the administration of Fernando Canales. As part of his civic work, he founded the Oaxaca Group, a precursor collective of the Federal Transparency Law; in the same way, he was Director of the Civic Council, where he developed and promoted the accountability initiative "Mayor, how are we doing?"; and he participated as a citizen advisor to the National Public Security Council. He is the founder of Risköp, a consulting firm in risk mitigation of the operating environment in the mining, energy, bottling and commercial sectors. He has carried out projects in 20 states of Mexico, in addition to Colombia and Argentina. He is a proud businessman generating jobs for Mexico.

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